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The CRBA Region covers the Shires of Carnarvon, Exmouth, Murchison, Shark Bay & Upper Gascoyne with selected pastoral properties located in Shire of Northampton & City of Greater Geraldton (locality Mullewa).

The CRBA’s membership eligibility criteria are as follows:
Full Membership

Full membership of the Association is open to individuals who own or occupy a Pastoral Lease within the CRBA designated area, and are subject to rule 19.3, or likely to be issued a declared pest rate notice, or a responsibility to manage pests.


Associate Membership

Subject to rules 5.2 and 19.3, associate membership of the Association is available to legal organisation that controls or manages land within the CRBA region, or that are conducting significant activities on lands within the region.  Representation by an authorised person.


There is no charge to being a CRBA member, with advantage of being able to participate in CRBA declared pest management programs along with the ability to be part of the group’s governance processes.  

PLEASE NOTE: If you are nominating as an Associate Member you must nominate an authorised individual to represent your legal entity within the CRBA.

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