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The CRBA committee recommends the Declared Pest Rate (DPR) annually to DPIRD as part of our Operational Plan.  This DPR is applied to all pastoral leases within the Shires of Carnarvon, Exmouth, Shark Bay, Upper Gascoyne and also includes several pastoral leases within the Shire of Northampton and City of Greater Geraldton (locality Mullewa).  The DPR is then matched 1:1 by the State Government and are spent inline with the groups approved operational plan.

The CRBA DPA funds for 2022/23 have been estimated at $858,229.  These DPA funds are made up of 1:1 state funds,  85% DPR payment, drawdown of held DPR and CRBA held funds).

The current DPR is 5.884 cents in the dollar on the unimproved value of pastoral leases within the CRBA region.  

The DPR is the main source of funding for the CRBA and allows the committee to provide assistance in the control of declared pests across the region.  These funds are focused on the regions identified pests in priority order:

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